Our hours vary due to our seasonal business.  Please call ahead if you are planning a visit.
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Gary's Cheesecakes and Fine Desserts


of Operation

Our mornings start around 8:00am.  Ovens are pre-heated and by 9:00am the ovens are ready for work.  By 9:30, our first batch is ready for chilling.

After chilling, the cakes are all removed from the pan and inverted to prepartion pans.  Our special formula is now ready for decoration, flavoring, fruits and garnishes.

How we keep our cheesecakes seamless, smooth and naturally texured, is a secret we have kept for 3 genrations.  Sorry... we plan to continue keeping it a secret.

A dessert from the heart

About Us

Let us bake one for you

Family Owned and family operated since our inception in 1984, Gary's Cheesecake and Fine Desserts has taken it's name seriously.  It really is Gary's Cheesecake and it really is Gary's own recipe from pies to cakes and cheesecakes. 

With our 70 years of baking excellence, we know once you taste one of our desserts you will agree       "This is the best darn cheesecake I have ever tasted."

That is a promise