Let Gary’s Cheesecake provide you with the Perfect Fundraising Product

Whether for a school marching band, little league, a club, your religious group or any other worthwhile cause, our products help you achieve your goals.  We have created a special Fundraiser program including everything you need to successfully raise the funds your organization needs.  

Gary’s cheesecake are being served in the finest restaurants in the Cincinnati area to  thousands of satisfied customers.  A Gary’s Cheesecake dessert guarantees finishing a  meal with a smile.

Gourmet cheesecake is the perfect fundraiser product being one of the most popular dessert treats at any table. You can make an easy forty percent (40%) mark up and still be competitive with retail prices. Make your next fundraiser a gourmet cheesecake fundraiser and cash in on the gourmet cheesecake obsession.

As a family run business we are aware that our success depends entirely upon maintaining our customers' confidence in our quality cheesecakes.  For this reason, we pay extra close attention to quality, taste and consistency.  Every Gary’s cheesecake that leaves our bakery is guaranteed to be the best you have ever tasted.

Why our Cheesecake Fundraiser is the best for your group ! 

World Class Selections-  Crafting from simple, plain cheesecakes to exotic flavored cheesecakes with marbel swirls or fruit toppings, Gary’s Cheesecakes are enticing and mouth watering, making the sale that much easier. 
Seasonal Favorites - For Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and more, Gary’s Cheesecake flavors meet the occasion.   And, just wait till you try our Turtle cheesecake.  These are true gourmet flavors not available in traditional grocery stores.
Support materials - From brochures to posters and sales tracking information, Gary’s Cheesecake supplies all the needed paperwork to develop a profitable and successful fundraising program.  Quality Cheesecake develops a following and developing a following is what makes fundraising an event, not a chore.  
If you are considering a fundraiser for your sports team, church or other organization,   please  contact our offices to learn how Gary’s Cheesecake and your organization can become a winning team!

Call us directly at 513-574-1700 or visit us at:
Gary’s Cheesecake and Fine Desserts,  
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We will forward information via email.   
Thank you for your interest in Gary’s Cheesecake Fundraising Program.

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